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Hotel Casa Blanca is a stunning Moroccan inspired boutique hotel located in the heart of Ajijic Village.

The hotel is located less than 200 meters from the beautiful Lake Chapala. Within walking distance, you are 5 mins away from the village’s main plaza in one direction and the beautiful lakefront Malecon in the other. There are many restaurants, shops and art galleries within two blocks from the hotel making for an easy and fun stroll in Ajijic Village.

About Ajijic and Chapala

Lake Chapala lies in a valley surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains of southwestern Mexico and is the country’s largest natural lake. Once an enormous inland “sea,” Lake Chapala is known for its breathtaking beauty, geothermal hot springs, and ideal climate — described by National Geographic magazine as among “the best in the world.”

Flowering trees paint the area with riotous color; fruit is so plentiful one can pluck them off the trees while strolling along the villages’ cobblestone streets, which are shared by vehicles, bicycles, burros, horses and pedestrians. Spectacular gardens hide behind carved wooden gates and colorful walls.

Lakeside, also nicknamed the “Chapala Riviera,” is home to a large international community, a mix of native Mexicans, Americans, Canadians and foreigners from countries throughout the world. Ajijic lies in the heart of Lakeside, and is known for its retired artists, writers and showbiz personalities. Although Ajijic is peaceful and laid-back, there is an abundance of modern conveniences, nightlife, restaurants, special events and shopping. It is definitely a place where people come for the climate and stay because of the lifestyle.

Visitors will enjoy the area’s shops, street markets, galleries, and workshops. Shop for antiques, furniture, tapestries, glassware, lamps, wrought-iron furniture, masks, pottery, jewelry, art and artesanias of all kinds. In fact, the Lake Chapala area is fast becoming the region’s supplier of quality crafts, replacing nearby Tonala.

Golf, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, boating or hiking to nearby waterfalls and hot springs are all available. One can relax in balnearios (swimming or bathing areas offering thermal spring water), or visit the more exhilarating local water park called Tobolandia.

An excellent four-lane highway connects Ajijic to Guadalajara and the Guadalajara International Airport (about 35 minutes away), as well as to other popular destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Barra de Navidad and San Miguel de Allende.

To learn more about Ajijic and lake Chapala, visit the following websites:

EscapeToAjijic.com  is a great source of information regarding Ajijic and the surrounding area.

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